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Exterior Painting

Ask Bilka Design About Our Exterior Painting Services in Jacksonville, FL

Looking For a Simple Way To Boost Your Curb Appeal?

Nothing can ruin the appearance of your home quite like old, faded siding. But with a fresh, flawless coat of paint applied by our skilled team, your siding will look beautiful and new again.

Bilka Design, LLC offers exterior painting services in Jacksonville, FL. Our experienced exterior painting contractor can also repair and replace your siding, so you can depend on us for a full siding makeover.

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Find Out Why Exterior Painting Is So Important

Exterior painting isn't just about making your property look better. It's also an important step in routine siding maintenance. When you schedule exterior painting services, you'll be taking a step to:

  • Prevent rot, mold and mildew

  • Preserve the value of your property

  • Extend the life of your siding

Don't let your siding fall by the wayside. Schedule a visit from our exterior painting contractor in Jacksonville, FL today.

What Kind of Paint is Best For You?

This list shows many great paints that Bilka Design recommends for your exterior siding. Picking the right type and color in Florida is crucial, and Brad will be happy to sit down with you and make sure you feel great about your home exteriors new look. Call us or hit the button below today to contact us for a free estimate today!

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