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About Bilka Design

We love serving Jacksonville, and have roots in the community we are proud to be part of. Bilka Design, LLC was founded by craftsman, Bradley Bilka many years ago. While he originally started in Denver offering design solutions to restaurants, storefronts, nightclubs, and fan caves, he has been a proud part of the Jacksonville community for nearly a decade. Brad has a keen eye for details, and will make sure your exterior remodel looks and holds up great for years to come. Find out more about our company below.


Our Process

Bilka Design is managed by Mr. Brad Bilka, who oversees the installation process for most single-family homes. The Bilka Design team works consecutive days, Monday through Friday, usually 5 to 20 days depending on project size, until it is completed. We have a three to four man team on most residential homes. First, we remove damaged, or compromised siding and trim. We ensure that the structural components and sheathing under the siding are intact. After repairing any flaws and ensuring that the home is dry-sealed with new moisture barrier, the new siding is installed according to the manufacturer's specifications. Any installation of soffits, wrapping fascia, or other trim work completes the carpentry & installation portion of the project.


What adds the beautiful finishing touches that showcase the siding project is our premium painting service. The customer chooses the color but we insist on using Sherwin Williams exterior paints. From A100 to Emerald Rain Refresh, Sherwin Williams has the perfect product for every application. We warranty our work for 10 years so it's very important for us to do the job right the first time. We use state-of-the-art techniques to insist a nice thick coat of beautiful & durable paint. We do this so your home stands the test of time & weather, and looks great while doing it!

Why Choose Hardie Siding?

Jamie Hardie Plank Siding is rated number one when it comes to siding. These siding products unify the character and warmth of wood with exceeded durability and low upkeep of fiber cement. They carry up to a 30 year limited transferable product warranty against delaminating, rotting, cracking, and chipping. There are many benefits to selecting this siding.

Here are ten:


  • Rated #1 Return on investment 8 years in a row! Remodeling Magazine's Cost vs Value Report states that re-siding your home with fiber-cement siding provides the #1 return on your remodeling investment.


  • More than 5.5 million homeowners have already chosen James Hardie plank siding and are ecstatic about its beauty, durability and value.


  • Climate engineered for Florida weather. James Hardie manufacturers their products with two different processes one called HZ10 for hot dry climates with no freeze-thaw issues and HZ5 for the type of weather in Florida. Wet, humid, wide temperature swings and freeze-thaw issues.


  • Design options are unlimited. With Sherwin Williams Paint colors combined with all the different siding and trim options, this gives homeowners the opportunity to create a one of a kind look.


  • Flame resistance - When exposed to heat or flame, vinyl siding will melt and wood-based siding will burn. James Hardie is noncombustible and approved for fire-rated construction.


  • Fade resistance - Lower grades of Vinyl siding can easily fade as well. This means its original beauty fades and if you have to put in a new piece, it is just about impossible to match the color of it.


  • Jamie Hardie Plank Siding features ColorPlus Technology. Their finish is baked on at the factory. It delivers up to thirty percent better fade resistance.


  • With this siding, you can change the color later, if you decide too. With vinyl siding, you are kind of stuck with it.


  • Weather resistance - Flying debris, hail, and falling limbs can puncture vinyl siding really easily. James Hardie Siding can withstand warping, rotting, cracking, breaking, and winds that reach over a 100 mph.


  • Thickness - Premium vinyl siding is only 5/100" thick. Jamie Hardie Siding is a full 5/16" thick. It supplies more protection and durability.


  • Curb appeal - Whenever a lower grade of vinyl siding emulates the look of wood siding, it falls a little bit short. It also has faux wood that is very unnatural. It gives a home a plastic look and feel. James Hardie Siding looks more appealing and natural.


  1. Warranties - James Harding Plank Siding offers up to a 30 year limited transferable product warranty, covering both material and labor.

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More Background

Bilka Design, LLC. is founded by craftsman Bradley D. Bilka. Brad started out in Denver, CO operating as Goodvibe Productions decorating restaurants, storefronts, nightclubs, and fan caves in the late 1990's. Hand carving EPS foam painted with U.V. black light reflective paint, Brad made every event he was a part of truly remarkable! All events had sound, lighting, entertainment, and even artwork but Brad provided services on a whole new level. Large-scale event producers across the country have booked Brad to build custom stages filled with themed props, nightclub installations, and VIP concert decor'. Eventually moving his company "Goodvibe Design" to the Los Angeles area in 2006 allowed him to gain exposure, expand artistic mediums, and work with the most talented scenic artists in the world who inspired him to be the best! Brad has designed large-scale productions from Antwerp Belgium, to Las Vegas, L.A., Colorado, and Florida. No matter where you are in the world, Bilka Design, LLC. has the event branding solutions you're seeking.

Event Planners love working with Bilka Design for custom wedding monograms, or company events where "over the top" is the status quo.

People looking to build their very own fan cave equipped with sports team memorabilia or custom art work should consult with Brad to make something truly unique. If you are looking for a center piece to an awesome entertaining space with a huge "WOW" factor then Bilka Design can help. We can work together to come up with a spectacular display of what you're most passionate about.

Bilka Design, LLC. has a heart for Charity. A really great way to raise money for your next silent auction is to work with a professional sports team or athlete to sign a one of a kind 3D sculpture of their team logo. Bilka Design hand carves the team logo and delivers the finished piece to be signed by the Athletes. After the piece is signed & photographed, auction it off to the highest bidder and help raise money and awareness for YOUR cause.

Businesses looking to physically brand their company at events or on their own store property can benefit from Bilka Design because channel letter signs get very expensive, they're super-heavy, and they require Electricians and permits to install which raises YOUR bottom line. Bilka Design uses super-lightweight foam materials that do not require permits to install and black light paint or energy saving LED's can illuminate your logo or message very brightly and save your company thousands.

Think of Bilka Design, LLC. as your very own creative studio. If you have unique graphics that you've been branding to your customers and want to somehow bring them to life at an event or in your store, we have your solution. You're the Artist, it's YOUR imagination, We're the firm that brings YOUR designs to life!

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